Pet Peace of Mind: How A Nonprofit Helps Pets and Their People

Senior woman petting a cat that sits on her lap to illustrate Pet Peace of Mind How A Nonprofit Helps Pets and Their People

When a family is faced with serious illness, one of the last things they should have to worry about is the care of their beloved pet. For many people, pets are an integral part of the family, and it’s important that they get the proper care during difficult times. Thankfully, there’s Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping patients and their pets stay together during times of illness.

WellHaven supports and champions the good work of Pet Peace of Mind. In fact, WellHaven’s own chief medical officer, Dr. Bob Lester, is a founding member of the PPOM board and serves as its treasurer.

In addition, WellHaven makes an annual donation to Pet Peace of Mind to support the organization’s mission and the critical role it serves within the veterinary industry.

What Is Pet Peace Of Mind?

Senior woman petting a cat that sits on her lap to illustrate Pet Peace of Mind How A Nonprofit Helps Pets and Their People

The Pet Peace Of Mind program is based in Salem, Oregon. This national nonprofit’s mission is to provide pet care assistance to seriously ill individuals who can’t care for their pets. There is no other volunteer initiative like it.

Pet Peace of Mind is a national program that has assisted more than 3,500 patients and 4,000 pets. They’re able to extend the reach and breadth of their services by partnering with 200 organizations that provide services across 43 states.

Through its network of volunteers and partner organizations, PPOM provides care models for the pets of seriously ill patients, including providing pet food and helping orphaned pets find new homes, if and when necessary. Furthermore, PPOM provides specially trained volunteers who learn to support each patient’s specific pet care needs.

Finally, PPOM respects the relationship between patient and pet, advocating for the pet’s role as a critical member of a caregiving team. Among other efforts, PPOM can ensure that hospice patients keep their pets at home while receiving hospice care, palliative care, and more during this stage of their life journey.

How To Help Pet Peace of Mind’s Mission

There are several ways for individuals to get involved with Pet Peace Of Mind. Consider making a donation today. Your donation will go directly towards supporting the efforts of PPOM.

You can also volunteer your time, host a Facebook fundraiser, or help spread the word by promoting the organization, its mission, and its activities.

At WellHaven veterinary care, we recognize the importance of supporting our community. Caring for a pet is often viewed as a labor of love. However, for seriously ill patients, the responsibility can be overwhelming. That’s why we proudly support Pet Peace Of Mind both financially and through awareness-raising initiatives.

Let us know if you have any questions or to learn more about this wonderful organization. Together we can make a difference in the lives of seriously ill patients and their beloved pets.