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Get to know your Well Community

Improving the Community inside and outside of your clinic
WellHaven Pet Health is a proud partner of the non-profit Pet Peace of Mind, who keeps pets together with hospice patients through the end of life and then rehomes the pet in a new forever home.

Winter Holiday Safety Tips for your Furry Friends

Director of Veterinary Nurse Development, Kara Burns, discusses warnings and tips to keep your pet safe and healthy this winter season….

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Number one, I love pets. I love helping them – That’s why we’re here at WellHaven. And I love client education. Taking somebody from their first new pet and seeing it to the geriatric age and seeing that progression of them learning through the years of what to expect. And then seeing them with a new pet. They’re not new pet owners anymore. It’s great.

Brian / Certified Veterinary Technician

My favorite thing about being a Veterinary Technician at WellHaven is the camaraderie of our team above all. We gel together. It’s not necessarily just tasks, it’s more of a fluid, everybody helps everybody kind of thing. If you’re free you’re helping out.

Tanner / Certified Veterinary Technician

At WellHaven, we all come from different backgrounds and we have different life experiences, and yet we’re able to come together and deliver excellent patient care, work together, and be a wholehearted team. It’s really hard to find that. And I feel like we’ve got that here at our house and it all boils down to taking care of the patient.

Tesa / Practice Manager