My WellHaven Pet Health practice has embraced what we call a “white coat off” philosophy. The important parts of life come when the white coat is off. Again, life first, work second. Today’s employers need to remember the correct order. Without vets and vet nurses, we can’t take care of pets.

I run into colleagues who insist that today’s new doctors must conform to how many of us were hired years ago. In the “old days,” new graduates received little coaching or mentoring, worked five- and six-day weeks, were required to take on-call duty, received little or no benefits, endured sometimes less than ideal workplace cultures, dealt with understaffed hospitals, and enjoyed maybe one week of vacation a year.

That was then, this is now. No one wants to hear the story, again, about our first day on the job when the boss went to Hawaii, leaving us all alone to figure it out. Get over it. Today’s hires don’t have to take that job and they won’t. They have multiple job offers and the freedom to pick where they want to work.

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